Press coverage


Alex Kayal presented his work on privacy in social media at the Social Media Week in Rotterdam.  He talked about an app he worked on to share information between children and their parents, which is available here.


The Interactive Playground was featured in the regional paper de Weekkrant and on the television show EenVandaag. It was available to be played for one month in the Tetem art space.


At the COMMIT gathering “The Big Future of Data”, we presented the IUALL work through various demos. The local television network (AT5) reported on the event. The IUALL demos LOITER and the Interactive Playground were shown quite prominently, as the video below shows.


Ronald Poppe explained the COMMIT/ board about the use and future possibilities of computer vision in soccer matches here.


Scientias discussed Merijn Bruijnes’ work on interviews with virtual crime witnesses. Merijn also talked on the radio show BNR Eyeopeners about ‘virtual interviews’.


Merijn Bruijnes was in the news with the Pienter Research Demo. It was covered on the frontpage of the Wetenschapsbijlage (pdf) of the Dutch national paper De Telegraaf and on the radio.