Virtual Learning for Societal Participation

Demo owner

Dylan Schouten (


This demo is showing a virtual learning environment aimed at supporting societal participation learning for low-literates and non-native migrants in the Netherlands. In this environment, users can select one of 4 scenarios: prototypical situations about participating in Dutch society, involving information and communication skills used in both formal and informal social settings. These scenarios are:

  1. Online banking.
  2. Grocery shopping.
  3. Service desk.
  4. Video chatting.

All scenarios make use of embodied conversational agents (ECAs). These ECAs have one of two roles: they either conduct conversations with the user, or support the user in doing participation exercises.



  • Dylan Schouten, Nanja Smets, Marianne Driessen, Marieke Hanekamp, ¬†Anita Cremers, Marc Neerincx: User Requirement Analysis of Social Conventions Learning. Applications for Non-Natives and Low-Literates. HCI(16) 2013: 354-363